In the last six months were made up of three ECJ judgments in such matters, and not all were so favorable for taxpayers as the 2 May., Ref.

But this is not the end of the list of threats for companies in this industry, since it turns out that it can be as unpredictable decision of the Court of Justice of the EU on the taxation of travel services VAT. In the last six months were made up of three ECJ judgments in such matters, and not all were so favorable for taxpayers as the 2 May., Ref. Act C-225/18, which settled that the tourism industry can deduct VAT on purchased food service and accommodation. The effects of these decisions have a huge impact on the profitability of the business and the liquidity of travel agencies. At the same time it is difficult for them to have confidence in the accuracy of their tax returns, such as. The ECJ judgment of 2 May. concerned the amendment to the VAT Act from 1 December 2008. – so for over ten years in Poland used a provision incompatible with EU law!

Worse, the ECJ ruling is only part dispels doubts, because they do not decide eg. What a tourist service within the meaning of the VAT. And this is a key issue from the point of view of the application of VAT by taxpayers procedure margin and deduct the VAT on the purchase of restaurant and accommodation services by providers of tourist services, which are billed on a general basis. No wonder, then, that experts believe that in connection with the ECJ rulings Finance Ministry should think about the interpretation of the general tax or explanations. Polish Chamber of Tourism goes in their demands even further, because in her opinion it is necessary to clarify the rules in the way of their nowelizacji.TO ONLY PART OF ARTICLE. READ MORE >>> weekly GP I think that data is the new oil – says Mikko Hypponen, director of.

Research in F-Secure. -Ropa oil has brought us both prosperity and problems. The same will be the case for danych.Ekspert. Cybersecurity repeatedly warned of how much information gathered about users so-called “free” services. For example, Twitter joins the offline data with the profiles via the phone number provided within the frames of two-stage activation authentication or account recovery – even Twitter stores information about that in the family for half a year a child is born. Advertisers can use these details to adjust their message. It would be naive to believe that this knowledge stems from tweets that share the profiles, which we observe.

In practice, information are purchased from third parties that collect data on Internet users. Twitter only associates this information with the phone number, which have provided in order to activate additional authentication – says Hypponen. According to Adweek snapchat, which currently collects around himself the fastest growing community, will use the offline data (collected eg. In loyalty programs), to better adapt the message and accurately display reklamy.Kolejny area that more and more boldly interferes with the privacy, the Internet of things: Soon we will buy equipment for the home, without even knowing that we have acquired the device IoT. Toasters will connect to the Internet, even if it will not offer any functions related to this.

This will happen because the incorporation of the appropriate module does not require large amounts of money from the manufacturer, and this goes for a lot of benefits. The key word is the data – the producer will be able to use them to better match the offer to the target group to sell the company or storing information about users – Mikko Hypponen notes. See also: Law robots, artificial intelligence or how to answer for damages and crimes »Fortunately, according to a recent survey of The F-Secure Apple Myths Survey conducted in three countries on 3 000 respondents, user awareness on safety increases. Contrary to belief, previous owners of Macs and iOS devices responded that their unit needs antivirus protection as often as holders of hardware with Windows and Android. Consider the issue of privacy when using the “free” services in the network or buying another device connecting to the Internet. It is equally important to exercise caution in public Wi-Fi networks: the software should use VPN encryption communication on the Internet, especially when we connect to an unsecured access point – both on a laptop, smartphone and tablet.

Without that cybercriminals connected to the same network can easily take our data – concludes Hypponen. To regularize all kinds of skateboards, scooters, etc. segwayów. Ministry of Infrastructure was trying for a long time. Although the concept of the introduction to the law on road traffic of the new categories of vehicles: personal transport equipment, appeared in one of the projects on the occasion of changes in the vehicle inspection station, it is ultimately the idea was abandoned. In the meantime, rapidly increased the number of electric scooters, and with them the problem of safe movement swelled to them. So when he finally uttered the Ministry of Infrastructure of the bill themselves (in the version in which UTO are the only vehicles powered by an electric motor) and directed it to the public consultation, the response was enormous. Their positions were received not only a lot of associations and social organizations, but as many as 60 ordinary citizens.

Among them are both users of electric scooters or monocycles and pedestrians concerned about the proposal to legalize the movement (in certain cases) those vehicles on sidewalks. Restrictions for UTO Source: DGP Voice recipients standards – The situation is unique. It sometimes happens that a homeworkmarket person not affiliated to any organization send them in writing with comments. For example it did during the work on the draft law on transparency in public life. But I’ve never seen this way on such a scale – surprise Krzysztof Izdebski, program director of the Foundation email you. – This activity is more than desirable.

It is important to the legislative process participated by experts from the area, but equally important is the activity of “end-user” rights, or just citizens. I’m really encouraged that they took part in these consultations, because in general, although it is highly appreciated RCL operation of the platform, we have a system that functions in a transparent manner and encourage the participation of people from those institutions and expert organizations – adds the expert. See also: The victim, however, will not be punished for the fact that she gave to deduct »Dispute over drunk on one leg» With greater interest of citizens meet only projects concerning infrastructure programs, where the inhabitants of the region live react to the planned route of the road or rail link. This time extraordinary civic activity in the lawmaking process caused not only still ongoing fashion mikromobilność and controversy associated with the technical conditions to be met by these devices. Anxiety users of these vehicles evokes the fact that they will have to adapt to the new requirements of their existing equipment. For example, one of the technical limitations (see diagram) is to introduce the maximum weight of UTO, which is 20 kg. Meanwhile, he writes one of which consults, unicycle, which cost him 8999 zł, weighs 24 kg.

The provision of the need to “slim down” the device within 6 months it considers unfair. “His weight is due to high battery that overcomes distance of 90 km. This increases the possibility of replacing the device, eg. Car commuting. And I think everyone wants the car was less. ” Another user points out that from a security standpoint introducing a maximum weight UTO does not make sense, because in the event of a collision counts the total weight, the vehicle and the man riding it. Larger weight is so important … you. Hence the demand to introduce a criterion of maximum permissible weight.

Others complain that they bought scooters are not only too heavy in relation to the proposed limits, but also too fast and too long. Very many voices opposing the release of UTO to move on sidewalks. Part pedestrian wants a total ban on driving on sidewalks, others to call for stricter speed limits. The project does not provide for the maximum speed at which the electric scooter could navigate the sidewalks. Control it, like the cyclist, you will be obliged “to go slow, careful and give way to pedestrians.” Part of which consults suggests the possible introduction of speed limits on the sidewalks to 12 km / h. Provisions not for towns and villages on the other hand, the project envisages that UTO can move around the bike trails. When there is no way for a bike, you drive down the street, but only if it is valid for the speed limit to 30 km / h. If this is the normal way to a limit of 50 km / h, the head of the segway scooter can ride the sidewalk, but only if that is wide enough (min.

2 meters). Meanwhile, as noted by one of the UTO members, these vehicles are used not only in big cities the likes of Warsaw, Wrocław and Cracow (though very many of the comments posted just residents of the city). “In my expensive city, where there are no bicycle paths, sidewalks are narrow and the way is limited to 50 km / h, it is impossible to comply with the provisions of the draft law” – highlights one of which consults. See also: Electric Scooters at the end of the rules. You will go on the sidewalk, street and track »Recipes for electric scooters: They will be treated as bicycles and will have a speed limit» Much attention is also devoted citizens security issues. There are voices that the requirements for the UTO to include an obligation to have at least one electrodynamic braking, lighting and tone.

Members also recognize the problems with signaling planned twist, noting that while the occupant, for example. Unicycles may, like cyclist, put your hand in the right direction, such a maneuver performed by moving the electric scooter is dangerous. Hence the idea to control e-scooter turn signaled by exposure … legs. Increase imports from Asia also doubt about the proposed age limit – 10 years, from which you can move UTO. Many voices – both pedestrians and vehicle users – to raise her concerns to 14-15 years.

Even riding on electric scooters indicate that as a rule these devices are designed for the needs of adults, or at least taller than 150 cm. Of course, it scrolls also the idea of ​​compulsory liability insurance. In one of the comments raised that, in general requirements for the construction UTO should be different for different individuals and for companies that hire these devices occasionally, and thus, as a rule, less experienced users. One user also points to the dangers of planned penalties for operators who place on the market for oversize vehicles. According to the scenario plotted by him will increase direct import of equipment purchases in excess of requirements by the network. – For people who take part in the consultation, it is important whether their comments were taken into account, but even more important is knowing that in fact are inclined over them.

The process should be carried out in such a way that the consultation participants understand that not all of their tips may be accepted, but you will receive feedback, why – emphasizes Krzysztof Izdebski. Representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure, recall that the consultation is to gain knowledge about social expectations about the planned changes. – The Ministry of Infrastructure are particularly important information because they allow you to develop legislation that will optimally regulate this area. All submitted comments to the consultation, the voices and proposals for solutions are carefully analyzed, and if they are justified – will be included as part of a bill that will be submitted to the Council of Ministers – provides press office. Legislative phase project of the Permanent Committee of the Council of Ministers Denunciation of the employer to the State Labor Inspectorate may report current or former employee of the plant, or an outsider. Every complaint must be signed name, because according to the Code of Administrative Procedure anonymous complaints are not dealt with.

Our disclosure of personal data controlled entity may take place only after written consent. In other cases, our data will remain safe. Complaint may be submitted in writing, by telegram, by telex, fax, electronic mail, and word of mouth to protokołu.Do State Labor Inspectorate may submit a denunciation former or current employees of the plant, unions and anonymous people. Any complaint should be dealt with without undue delay, but no later than within a month. The manner of handling the complaint shall be communicated to the applicant or the applicant. The complaint may concern: See also: How to get funding for a disabled employee? »The end of the battle for oskładkowanie orders.

The president signed the bill »• salary and other monetary benefits arising from the employment relationship, • establishing and terminating the employment relationship, • working conditions, • the employment of young people, • leaves, • the rights of employees related to parenthood, • equal treatment at work, • bullying , • accidents, • the employment of people with disabilities, • violation of the principles of legality of employment • work “in the black” .For the complaint was considered to contain the following information: see also: Solution for parents: remote work, but not limited to telework »Is it possible to dorabiać benefit from ZUS, bringing up a child or being sick »the labor inspector decides who gets the bridging pension» • place and date of the complaint, • the address of the labor Inspectorate. • details of complainant – such as name and address. • the complaint, which should be the name and address of the workplace and provisions in our opinion, violates the employer. If the content does not meet these conditions will be called to submit, within seven days from the date of receipt of the request, clarify or supplement. • the hand written signature of the person submitting skargę.W during the first 10 months of this year. the State Labor Inspectorate received 35 220 complaints, in the same period of the previous year – 37 535. These data indicate a decrease in the number of complaints, and thus a smaller number of violations of the law in certain areas of labor law, in particular with regard to the payments for the work. – The structure of the object and the problems raised by whistleblowers complaints for years does not significantly change. Still more than half of the reported problems are issues of remuneration for work and other cash benefits, and establishing and terminating the employment relationship. Remained high number of complaints about working conditions, eg.

Work premises, ventilation, sanitary facilities. Please also indicate the relatively large number of complaints concerning working time – says Danuta Rutkowska, spokesperson PIP. – We do not observe significant changes in the reasons for the irregularities. Employers, as in previous years, maintained that the infringements are determined by economic considerations.